What Fightsticks work on Xbox Series X?

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

With the shortage of fightsticks available, there aren’t a huge number of choices for newer fightsticks on the current market. This, unfortunately, is also the case for the Xbox Series X/S. However, the emphasis on fightsticks for the previous generation was placed mostly on the PlayStation 4, meaning there are plenty of choices for the … Read more

What Fightsticks work on PS5?

HORI Fighting Edge

At a Glance With the release of the Playstation 5 comes the inevitable question for fightstick enthusiasts: What fightsticks work on PS5? Currently, there is no dedicated fightstick that is exclusive to the PS5. This makes sense because there aren’t any exclusive fighting games on the PS5. Not yet anyway. With PS5’s backwards compatibility being … Read more

Dragon Slay Arcade Fightstick Review

Dragon Slay Universal Fightstick

Like the Mayflash F500 and F300, the Dragon Slay Arcade Fightstick is a mid-tier universal fightstick that can be played on all major platforms. Dragon Slay is a UK-based gaming accessories company and is relatively unknown in the space of fightsticks. The Dragon Slay Arcade Fightstick is their first major fightstick and It boasts genuine … Read more

Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter?

Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter

Street Fighter and Tekken are two of the biggest fighting game franchises around. They are also highly competitive and difficult to master on a higher level. This article will examine how difficult each game is and determine which is harder Tekken or Street Fighter? In order to determine the difficulty level of a fighting game, … Read more

Mayflash F500 not working?

Mayflash F500 Review

Having issues with your Mayflash F500? Here are some ideas on what the problem might be and tips on how to solve them. This includes problems like detection issues and whether or not you may need to update your Mayflash F500 in order to get it working. Rest assured these issues are easy enough to … Read more