Best Fightsticks for Xbox One [2024]

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Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick

Mayflash F300

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Mayflash F500

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HORI Real Arcade Pro V Kai

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PXN X9 Arcade Stick

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In terms of fighting games and fightsticks, the Xbox One feels slightly left behind this generation. The focus has been more on the PlayStation 5 (and 4).

It’s a shame because apart from PS5/4 exclusives, like Street Fighter 5, the Xbox One has a decent collection of fighting games to choose from, including Killer Instinct.

Admittingly, the choices are slightly limited for fightsticks. However, if you look hard enough, you can find some decent sticks at a reasonable price.

Fortunately, below, I have listed the best fightsticks for Xbox One. To help you get a clear snapshot, I also outline the good and bad points of each fightstick. Read on, my friend.

Mayflash F300 – Best Budget Stick

If you’re looking for the most affordable option, look no further than the Mayflash F300.

As a beginner fightstick, it’s great, featuring the standard 8-button arcade layout and joystick. Perhaps the stick’s best feature, however, is the ability to play on almost any platform, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, and even switch.

It’s a universal stick that’s fully customizable and can be upgraded to Sanwa Denshi parts.

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The Good

  • The price – Excellent value for the money
  • Customization – Can easily be customized
  • It looks and feels sturdy
  • Universal stick – can connect to almost any platform
  • Great beginner fightstick

The Bad

  • Buttons and joystick are non-Sanwa
  • Buttons feel mushy
  • Maybe too small for some people
  • The setup is slightly fiddly, and the extra wires are annoying


Mayflash F500 – Bigger, better, and more customizable than the F300

For not much more money, you can get the Mayflash F500 which is bigger and better than the F300.

The F500 sported a better design; adding metal plates meant better quality.

Throw in a headphone jack; additional customization, like the ability to swap out the artwork and, of course, the universal feature, means you have a pretty sweet deal.

Read my Mayflash F500 full review.

The Good

  • Excellent value for money
  • Bigger and better quality than the Mayflash F300
  • Headphone Jack
  • Customizing the fightstick is a breeze
  • Octagonal plate included
  • Universal Fightstick

The Bad

  • Parts are Non-Sanwa
  • Buttons feel slightly mushy
  • Setup is awkward


HORI Real Arcade Pro V Kai – Best Mid-Range Stick

The HORI Real Arcade Pro V Kai is the Xbox One equivalent of the excellent HORI RAP 4, a great fightstick built on a solid base with quality parts.

The RAP V has an appealing design which makes it look more expensive than it is. The Hayabusa joystick and buttons are non-Sanwa but still, feel great to play with.

The Good

  • High-quality parts
  • Solid premium design
  • Sturdy base and quite wide
  • Joystick and Buttons are very responsive
  • Useful assign mode

The Bad

  • Difficult to swap out artwork
  • Buttons can get a bit loud
  • No headphone jack


PXN X9 Pro Arcade Stick – Universal fightstick with Sanwa Parts

A relative newcomer to the fightstick market, the PXN X9 sports an attractive design based on the Madcatz TE2+ fightstick.

Like with the Madcatz stick, it has Sanwa Denshi parts, and the inside can easily be accessed for modding.

Another useful feature is the multi-platform support it offers. Yes, similar to the Mayflash fightsticks, you can play this on almost any platform, including the Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and even Nintendo Switch.

Having not used this stick, I can’t comment on the performance from a personal point of view. But users have reported good things, and the price is quite reasonable for a Sanwa stick with this design.

The Good

  • Premium design based on the Madcatz TE2+ stick
  • High-quality Sanwa parts
  • Easy access for modding
  • Universal fightstick
  • Good price

The Bad

  • The setup might be a bit fiddly due to the multi-platform support

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Jake "Arcade Ace" Kim

Jake discovered his passion for fight sticks when he spent his summers mastering the arcade scene. He soon became a local legend, dominating every fighting game he laid his hands on. Jake's love for the arcade culture has led him to collect an impressive array of fight sticks, each with its own unique story. Now, he's channeling that love and expertise into guiding others to find their perfect fight stick match.