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Tom "Button Master" O'Neil
Tom “Button Master” O’Neil

Tom fell in love with fight sticks after realizing that mastering the mechanics could give him an edge in competitive gaming. He’s since devoted countless hours to perfecting his inputs and understanding the nuances of different fight sticks.

As a result, Tom has become a force in both online and local tournaments. Now, he’s on a mission to help others unlock their full potential with the right fight stick.

Favorite Fight Stick: Mayflash F500 Elite
Favorite Games: Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Samurai Shodown

Chris "Iron Fist" Thompson
Chris “Iron Fist” Thompson

Chris stumbled upon the world of fight sticks after being mesmerized by the precision and technique of professional players in live streams. He soon picked up his first fight stick and quickly rose through the ranks of competitive gaming.

With his unyielding determination, Chris has succeeded in local and national tournaments. Today, he’s all about sharing his experience and passion with fellow fight stick enthusiasts.

Favorite Fight Stick: Victrix by PDP Pro FS Arcade Fight
Favorite Games: Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters XV

Jake "Arcade Ace" Kim
Jake “Arcade Ace” Kim

Jake discovered his passion for fight sticks when he spent his summers mastering the arcade scene. He soon became a local legend, dominating every fighting game he touched. Jake’s love for the arcade culture has led him to collect an impressive array of fight sticks, each with its unique story.

Now, he’s channeling that love and expertise into guiding others to find their perfect fight stick match.

Favorite Fight Stick: Hori Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa
Favorite Games: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Soul Calibur VI

Mike "The Destroyer" Johnson
Mike “The Destroyer” Johnson

Mike got hooked on fight sticks after a jaw-dropping arcade visit back in high school. Since then, he’s spent countless hours perfecting his moves and combos, constantly pushing himself to improve.

With his relentless drive, Mike has become a force to be reckoned with in local and online tournaments. He’s now dedicated to sharing his expertise and passion for fight sticks with the world.

Favorite Fight Stick: Razer Panthera Evo
Favorite Games: Street Fighter V, Tekken 7