Venom Arcade Stick Review

Venom Arcade FightStick Review

Let’s face it some of us have more than one console to play our favorite fighting games. And what if I want to play Tekken 7 at my friend’s house…

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Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick

Mayflash F300 Review

The Mayflash F300 (Amazon) Fightstick is an ideal beginners stick which offers good value for money. Built by the Chinese Mayflash Limited company, the F300 a budget stick that isn’t…

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Fighting games are boring

Fighting games are boring?

I’ve been playing fighting games for as long as I can remember, however, I only really starting taking it seriously after 2009 when Street Fighter IV was released. Since then,…

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What is a Hitbox Controller

What is a Hitbox controller?

I’m firmly a fightstick player and have been for many years. However,  recently I came across an interesting video of Justin Wong using a Hitbox. Of course, I’ve heard of…

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Why are fightsticks so expensive?

Why are Fightsticks so expensive?

Fightsticks are cool but expensive. You might wonder whether it’s worth forking out your hard earned money on, what is essentially, a controller. Well, let me tell you right here,…

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Fightstick vs Fightpad

Fightstick vs Fightpad – which one should you get?

Fightstick or Fightpad? Its a question I struggled with many years ago when I wanted to switch from an Xbox 360 controller to play Street Fighter IV. They each have…

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How to get better at fighting games- profightstick

How to get better at fighting games

Fighting games are hard. The vast number of moves, combos, counters, cancels,anti-airs, you name it, means they can get pretty complex.   Whilst fighting games are hard, getting good at…

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How long does a Fightstick last?

How long does a Fightstick last?

Decent quality fightsticks are generally designed to last a long time. This makes sense considering how expensive they can be. So how long does a fightstick last? The answer is…

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Best Budget Fightsticks

5 benefits of using an Arcade Stick

The first fighting game that I took seriously was Street Fighter IV. The year was 2009 and it’s fair to say that I was a bit of a scrub. I…

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fightstick pros

What Fightstick do pros use?

Diago, Infiltration, Justin Wong, JDCR, Knee, and Saint. These are some of the best professional players in the world in their respective games. And what do they have in common?…

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