Ask An Expert: What is the Neutral position?

What is the Neutral position

The neutral position is the default state of a joystick when it is not being moved in any direction. In fighting games, maintaining a neutral position is essential for the proper execution of certain moves and techniques. In other words, it’s the position the joystick returns to when released, centered between all possible directional inputs.


Ask An Expert: What is NKRO?

What is the NKRO

NKRO stands for N-Key Rollover, a feature found in some keyboards and gaming controllers that allows them to accurately register multiple key or button presses simultaneously without dropping any inputs or causing ghosting


Ask An Expert: What is Button ghosting?

What is Button ghosting

Button ghosting occurs when a controller registers unintended inputs due to multiple buttons being pressed simultaneously. High-quality fightsticks typically have built-in mechanisms to prevent button ghosting, ensuring accurate inputs during gameplay.


Ask An Expert: What is a wiring harness?

What is a wiring harness

A wiring harness, in the context of arcade sticks, fight sticks, and gaming controllers, is a collection of wires, connectors, and sometimes protective sleeves designed to transmit electrical signals between various components within the device.


Ask An Expert: What is lever tension?

What is lever tension

Lever tension, in the context of arcades and fight sticks, refers to the resistance or stiffness experienced when moving the joystick lever. The tension determines how easily the joystick returns to its neutral position (center) after being moved and released


Ask An Expert: What is a gate?

What is a gate

A gate, in the context of arcade sticks and fight sticks, is a plastic or metal component that surrounds the joystick’s base and determines the directional input’s shape and feel. Gates are usually installed beneath the joystick’s dust cover and play a crucial role in guiding the joystick’s movement, providing physical boundaries and feedback to the user.


Ask An Expert: What are Sanwa buttons and joysticks?

What are Sanwa buttons and joysticks

Sanwa buttons and joysticks are high-quality arcade components produced by the Sanwa Denshi Company, a Japanese manufacturer of arcade parts and accessories. They are well-known and highly regarded in the gaming community for their reliability, durability, and performance, making them a popular choice for arcade sticks and fight stick enthusiasts.


Ask An Expert: What is a button layout?

What is a button layout

A button layout refers to the arrangement and configuration of buttons on a game controller, arcade stick, or gaming keyboard. The layout is designed to provide an optimal gaming experience by placing the buttons in a way that allows for efficient and comfortable input during gameplay. Button layouts can vary across different types of controllers and gaming devices, as well as between game genres.


Ask An Expert: What is a WASD layout?

What is a WASD layout

The WASD layout refers to a common set of keys used for movement controls in computer games, particularly for first-person shooters (FPS), third-person shooters, and other genres that require real-time directional input. Located on a standard QWERTY keyboard, the “W” key represents moving forward, “A” for moving left, “S” for moving backward, and “D” for moving right.