What is lever tension? (Explained by an Expert)

Lever tension, in the context of arcades and fight sticks, refers to the resistance or stiffness experienced when moving the joystick lever. The tension determines how easily the joystick returns to its neutral position (center) after being moved and released.

It plays a crucial role in the overall feel and responsiveness of the joystick, impacting the player’s ability to execute precise inputs during gameplay.

Lever tension is primarily determined by the joystick’s spring, designed to provide resistance and help the lever return to its neutral position.

Springs come in different strengths and can be changed to customize the lever tension according to a player’s preference:

  1. Low Tension: A low-tension joystick will have a lighter feel, allowing for easier and quicker movements. However, it may also lead to less precise control, as the lever might be more prone to accidental inputs.
  2. Medium Tension: Medium tension provides a balance between ease of movement and control, making it suitable for a wide range of players and games. Many stock arcade sticks and fight sticks come with medium-tension springs by default.
  3. High Tension: High-tension springs make the joystick stiffer and more resistant, requiring more force to move. This can provide greater precision and control, especially for players with a heavy hand or those who prefer a more deliberate play style.

Customizing lever tension can significantly impact the overall performance and feel of an arcade stick or fight stick. By experimenting with different spring strengths, players can find the ideal balance of resistance and control that suits their preferences and the games they play.

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