Ask An Expert: What is button plinking?

What is button plinking

Button plinking, also known as priority linking or simply plinking, is a technique used in fighting games to execute certain moves or combos more consistently and effectively. The term “plinking” is derived from “priority linking,” as it takes advantage of the priority system often found in fighting games when multiple button inputs are pressed simultaneously.


Ask An Expert: What is SOCD?

What is SOCD

SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions, is used in gaming controllers, arcade sticks, and fight sticks to describe a situation where opposite directional inputs are pressed simultaneously. For example, simultaneously pressing both left and right or up and down would result in a SOCD input.


Ask An Expert: What is lever tension?

What is lever tension

Lever tension, in the context of arcades and fight sticks, refers to the resistance or stiffness experienced when moving the joystick lever. The tension determines how easily the joystick returns to its neutral position (center) after being moved and released