Ask An Expert: What is a WASD layout?

The WASD layout refers to a common set of keys used for movement controls in computer games, particularly for first-person shooters (FPS), third-person shooters, and other genres that require real-time directional input.

Located on a standard QWERTY keyboard, the “W” key represents moving forward, “A” for moving left, “S” for moving backward, and “D” for moving right.

This layout has become popular because of its ergonomics and accessibility.

The WASD keys are conveniently positioned close to other essential keys like the spacebar (typically used for jumping), Shift (commonly used for sprinting or crouching), and Ctrl (often used for crouching as well).

In addition, the WASD layout allows players to use their left hand for movement while their right hand operates the mouse, enabling simultaneous aiming and shooting actions.

The WASD layout has become the standard for PC gaming, and many games offer customizable key bindings to accommodate players who prefer alternative key configurations or use non-QWERTY keyboards.

Some gaming keyboards even feature textured or differently shaped keycaps for the WASD keys to help users quickly identify them by touch during gameplay.

Tom "Button Master" O'Neil
Tom "Button Master" O'Neil

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