Sanwa Denshi Buttons vs. Suzo Happ Buttons vs. Hayabusa Buttons vs. Seimitsu Buttons: A Comprehensive Comparison

Comparison of Sanwa, Suzo Happ, Hayabusa, and Seimitsu arcade buttons for gaming controllers

Introduction Arcade games have been a major source of entertainment for decades. And arcade buttons are an important part of the arcade experience. While playing a game, you may have seen different types of arcade buttons with different functions, companies, and countries of production. This article¬†will compare four of the most popular arcade gaming buttons … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Hayabusa Buttons

Hori Hayabusa arcade buttons layout guide for gaming controllers.

If you’re into fighting games, you probably know how crucial having the right controller can be. And when it comes to fighting games, the Hayabusa buttons have become increasingly popular over the years. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Hayabusa buttons, from what they are to how they can … Read more