Smash Box Review

Smash Box controller for fighting games with custom layout and ergonomic design for competitive play.

Dominate your opponents with the Smash Box, the revolutionary arcade controller designed for Super Smash Bros. and other fighting games. With a unique button layout and ergonomic design, take your gaming skills to the next level.


FightBox B1 Review

Fightbox b1 review

Are you looking for a gaming experience like no other? If so, FightBox B1 is the perfect controller for you. This cutting-edge device offers rapid response times and unbeatable durability, allowing competitive gamers to take their skills to the next level.


Review: Mad Catz The Authentic EGO Arcade Fight Stick

Review_ Mad Catz The Authentic EGO Arcade Fight Stick

Mad Catz has released the Ego Arcade Stick for a true arcade feel, which allows you to play fighting games efficiently on your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC! This solid, competitive stick has great features that meet all the good, competitive fight stick requirements. However, whether you want to upgrade the Mad Catz … Read more

Mayflash F300 vs Mayflash F500: What’s the difference?

Mayflash F500 Review

Comparison Table The table below covers the main differences and similarities between the Mayflash F300 and F500. In short (TLTR): The F500 generally offers more features, a sturdier build, and a few higher quality (Sanwa) parts, while the F300 is more compact and budget-friendly. Both are solid, affordable choices, support multiple platforms, and are good … Read more

Dragon Slay Arcade Fightstick Review

Dragon Slay Universal Fightstick

The Dragon Slay Arcade Fightstick is a mid-tier universal fightstick that can be played on all major platforms, and It boasts genuine Sanwa parts, the ability to customize the stick easily, and the universal feature. Price-wise, it competes directly with the Mayflash F500 Elite.


Mixbox versus Hitbox


Fightsticks have been around for a while now. The portable home fightstick rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 2000s and has been on a steady upward trend ever since. More recently, there have been innovations in the fightstick world in the form of the Hitbox and Mixbox. These fightsticks look familiar enough but are missing … Read more