How to Transition From Control Pad to Fightstick: Master the Switch Effortlessly

Illustration of a focused man using an arcade joystick and buttons with educational overlays about gaming techniques.

When it comes to fighting games, many players start out using a control pad, as it’s often the most accessible and familiar method. However, if you’re serious about your gaming and want to elevate your skills, transitioning to a fightstick may be a smart decision. A fightstick, or arcade stick, offers greater precision and responsiveness and more consistent performance compared to a control pad.


Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter?

Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter

Street Fighter and Tekken are two of the biggest fighting game franchises around. They are also highly competitive and difficult to master on a higher level. This article will examine how difficult each game is and determine which is harder Tekken or Street Fighter? In order to determine the difficulty level of a fighting game, … Read more

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate: Rambo gameplay trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 - Rambo

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is just around the corner and NetherRealm have just released gameplay footage of Rambo: the latest guest character to join the already impressive cast. I think the developers have done a great job recreating Rambo’s iconic look from First Blood. It looks like he’s lifted straight out of the movie. The … Read more

Leroy Smith: How a broken character almost ruined Tekken 7

Leroy Smith

Leroy is broken. Correction, Leroy was broken but they’ve now fixed him with a recent emergency patch. Emphasis on the word emergency.  Such was the backlash from the community that the developers had no choice but to patch him quickly after release.  The final straw was EVO Japan 2020, where the top 8 consisted of … Read more