Mayflash F500 V2

Mayflash F500 V1 vs Mayflash F500 V2: What’s the Difference?

The more recent Mayflash F500’s being sold are now dubbed as ‘V2’. This suggests that there have been changes to the Mayflash F500 from the original V1. But, what are…

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Mayflash F500 Review

Does the Mayflash F500 work on PS5?

Mayflash recently released an update for the F500 Fightstick which allows the stick to connect to a PS5 Console. This is good news for fightstick fans who want to use…

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Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter

Which is Harder Tekken or Street Fighter?

Street Fighter and Tekken are two of the biggest fighting game franchises around. They are also highly competitive and difficult to master on a higher level. This article will examine…

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Best Custom Fightsticks: February

Here we are again with the best custom fightsticks for February! In this post, I list the best and most interesting custom fightsticks I have seen on the internet for…

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One Punch Man Fightstick

Best Custom Fightsticks: January

This is, what will hopefully be, a regular series of articles where I will pick the best custom fightsticks I have found on the internet for a particular month. In…

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Mixbox VS Hitbox

Fightsticks have been around for a while now. The portable home fightstick rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 2000s and have been on a steady upward trend ever since. More…

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What Tekken 7 Character should I play

What is Tekken Prowess?

Tekken 7’s recent Season 4 update brings a host of new updates and changes to the game. This includes a new character, new moves, new netcode, balance changes and minor…

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Best Budget Fightsticks

Sanwa vs Seimitsu vs Hayabusa: Which one is better?

Perhaps the best thing about fightsticks is the ability to customize it. Nearly everything in a fightstick can be replaced and swapped out. This includes the main functional parts which…

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Mortal Kombat 11 - Rambo

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate: Rambo gameplay trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is just around the corner and NetherRealm have just released gameplay footage of Rambo: the latest guest character to join the already impressive cast. I think…

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How to get better at fighting games- profightstick

2D vs 3D Fighting Games: which one is better?

Are 2D fighting games better than 3D fighting games? or is it the other way around? Games like Street Fighter pretty much popularised 2D fighting games and is probably seen…

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