Tekken 7 – Season 4 Launch Trailer

Bandai Namco just released a trailer for the 4th and, quite possibly, final season of Tekken 7.

Season 4 promises a host of new updates including new stages, updated UI, balance tweaks, and some general changes to online play.

There’s also a new character shown in the trailer below:

That’s right, it’s Kunimitsu. But not the Kunimitsu you know from Tekken 2. This one is, in fact, the old Kunimitsu’s daughter. Although you’ll be hard-pressed to know that as she looks similar to the old one except for a few subtle changes, of course.

It’s pretty much certain that there will be more DLC characters further down the line although it hasn’t officially been confirmed which one’s exactly.

Personally, I would like Ogre to be in the game. I think that would be cool, but we’ll wait and see what happens. Stay tuned.

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