Best Custom Fightsticks: January

This is, what will hopefully be, a regular series of articles where I will pick the best custom fightsticks I have found on the internet for a particular month.

In this article, I will be focusing on the month of January. It’s worth mentioning that all of these fightsticks are from the subreddit: r/fightsticks. You should check it out, if you haven’t already, it’s a great place for like-minded fightstick enthusiasts.

Anyway, let’s get right into it. Here are the best custom fighsticks in no particular order that I have found for the month of January.

Note: I know technically we’re in the middle of January but these are the best custom fightsticks that I have seen so far this month. I’ll be sure to update this post if I see any more notable fightsticks.

One Punch Man Fightstick

One Punch Man Fightstick
Credit goes to Reddit user Chaoscist

So let’s start with a Mayflash F500 fightstick with artwork inspired by one of my favorite anime shows.

What I like about this artwork is how Chaoscist has cleverly used the joystick as Genos’s hand cannon. You also, of course, have Saitama’s iconic dumbfounded look in the background which is the icing on the cake.


Chess Fightstick

Credit goes to Reddit user MrStrawHat22

I’ve recently watched the Queens Gambit so I was pretty excited when I came across this chessboard fightstick.

Using a folding chessboard as the case for the fightstick is a brilliant idea. This is because it can easily be opened for modifications. In addition, the solid wooden material of the chessboard means it’ll hold up well.

I guess the only grunt work involved for making a case like this would be drilling the holes which shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re handy with a drill.


PS2 Fightstick

Continuing the trend of using unique cases is this PS2 Fightstick by Reddit user gbguildmaster24.

Whilst it isn’t the prettiest to look at it definitely provides that sense of nostalgia from the great PS2 era.

I imagine it may also be uncomfortable to hold on the lap but I still give it top marks for creativity. It just goes to show you can pretty much make a fightstick out of anything.

Puzzle Fighter Fightstick

Credit goes Reddit user sudsack. Twitter:

The inspiration for this amazing design comes from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. A cute but addictive puzzle spinoff of the main Street Fighter series.

The actual artwork on the featured Etokki Omni Stick is in a word: stunning. But what I particularly like are the translucent buttons with the sprites underneath. Honestly, one of the best designs I’ve seen on a stick like this.

Scott Pilgrim Fightstick

Credit goes to FrostBiteCosplay

Scott Pilgrim fans rejoice. Here is an orginal custom fightstick built by Frostbite Cosplay. They have an Etsy shop so be sure to check them out.

What I like about this stick is the design, color scheme and size suits the source material. This is exactly what I would think of when I think of a Scott Pilgrim fightstick.


Snackbox Micro Hitbox

Photo credit goes to Reddit user DJNeuro

This custom Hitbox can actually be bought from a website: Junk Food Arcades. Nonetheless, it is probably the coolest looking Hitbox that I’ve seen.

The design itself is minimalistic and clean. The LEDs look super cool and add to the black noir look color scheme.

Reddit user DJNeuro reports how the buttons are of very high quality and are super comfortable to use. Very impressive indeed!

That’s it for now. Please share this post if you enjoyed it. If you have any fightsticks of your own that you would like me to feature in future posts then feel free to contact me via the contact page.


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