B0xx Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Basic Manual

The B0xx is a unique and innovative controller designed specifically for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players who want a new level of precision and control in their gameplay.

This controller has been designed to eliminate the need for buttons, instead using finger gestures to trigger specific actions.

This results in a more intuitive, faster, and more accurate controller than traditional controllers.

In this basic manual, we will introduce you to the B0xx and provide all the information you need to start using this powerful controller in your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay.

1. Finger Placement and Recommended Technique

b0xx - Finger Placement and Recommended Technique
b0xx – Finger Placement and Recommended Technique

The highlighted buttons are the ones your fingers hover over when playing the game. For the sake of comfort and efficiency, it is recommended (or in some cases, required) that the following in-game techniques are performed using specific button inputs on the B0XX:

  • Aerial Attacks: X → A or C
  • Airborne Special Moves: X → B
  • Tech: L
  • Shield (able to Roll, Spotdodge, Tap Jump, and Shield Drop): L
  • Tilted Shield (unable to Roll, Spotdodge, Tap Jump, and Shield Drop): R
  • Airdodge Upwards*: L

An important thing to note is that with B0XX, you never have to cross rows. While Up → R is possible, it is not recommended due to the awkward hand placement. Instead, Up → L should be used.

2. Tilted Aerials and Smash Attacks.

Characters such as Little Mac can make angled smash attacks by holding A and a direction left or right, then pressing up or down.

Richter and Simon can do angled aerials using MX and MY. MX plus a horizontal CStick button equals an upward-angled side aerial, and MY does a downward-angled side aerial.

3. Modifier Buttons

In Ultimate, both modifier buttons allow you to run, press the modifier button, then immediately do a tilt attack using A (or smash attack using the CStick). Due to this, it is highly recommended to use default controls, as you can use both tilts and smash out of the run.

3.1 Modifier X

Modifier X allows you to perform every tilt attack (side tilts, angle side tilts, and up and down tilts). Modifier X contains the fastest walk that allows you to not walk off the edge, allowing you to do all tilts near the edge safely.

It also turns off tap jump and squat, allowing you to do up and down tilts. Pressing A and a horizontal direction shortens the magnitude of the direction and allows slight DI. Modifier X + B in a horizontal direction achieves this on characters that can shorten their Side-B.

3.2 Modifier Y

Modifier Y allows removing the functionality of angle side tilts but gains the functionality of frame one turn-around uptilts. Modifier Y contains the slowest walk in the game. Pressing A and a horizontal direction slightly lengthens the magnitude of the direction and allows slight DI.

4. Angled and Shortened Up-B

4.1 Angled Up-B

b0xx - Angled Up-B -1
b0xx – Angled Up-B -1

In Smash Ultimate, the B0XX can do 9 angles per quadrant (40 total) that are evenly distributed. These are done by pressing a modifier button in a quadrant and pressing a CStick button.

As shown by the image above, Modifier X allows you to enter the section of the quadrant closer to the horizontal direction. In contrast, Modifier Y allows you to enter the opposing side.

b0xx - Angled Up-B -1
b0xx – Angled Up-B -1

4.2 Shortened Up-B

In Smash Ultimate, characters such as Palutena can shorten their Up-B. In cardinal directions, holding Modifier X + B and Up or Down gives you the shortest Up-B possible, while Modifier Y and the same buttons give a medium length.

The shortened angles can also be achieved in the quadrants by pressing any of the angles above, in combination with holding the L button (instead of 80 magnitudes, 51 magnitudes are given on the same angles).

4.2 Double Up-B

Pichu can do a double Up-B on B0XX by doing Up-B then pressing Modifier Y and a horizontal direction while still holding B during the first part of the animation (the vertical direction must be released for this to work).


Drewbabe – Special Shortens
Mavi and Linoya – Pichu double Up-B

More info on https://b0xx.com/

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