How to Connect Mayflash F500 to PS4? (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article, we will provide you with a quick guide on connecting your Mayflash F500 arcade stick to your PlayStation 4 (PS4) console.

Preparing for the Connection

Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of your Mayflash F500 arcade stick’s firmware is essential to ensure its optimal performance and compatibility with your PS4 and other devices.

Visit the manufacturer’s support page here: And choose your correct F500 model. It’s not very intuitive, but if you click on the title, like:

 You will find detailed instructions. Please check the arcade stick version carefully before updating.

Make sure you select the right version of of your F500, as illustrated here in the red lines
Make sure you select the right version of your F500, as illustrated here in the red lines

Required Cables

To connect your F500 to the PS4, you will need:

  1. A USB cable (included with the F500)
  2. The original PS4 controller
  3. A Windows system (can be emulated for Mac users)

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Powering the Console

Please turn on your PS4 console and ensure that it is fully functional.

Step 2: Connecting the F500

  1. Plug the USB cable into the F500 arcade stick’s USB port.
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to one of the PS4’s USB ports.
  3. Connect the original PS4 controller to the F500 using a USB cable.

Step 3: Setting up the Controller

Press the ‘Home’ button on the original PS4 controller. This will assign the controller as Player 1.

Step 4: Switching Input Modes

Press and hold the ‘Mode’ button on the F500 for a few seconds until the LED indicators light up. This will switch the input mode to the one compatible with the PS4.

Step 5: Verifying the Connection

Navigate to the PS4’s Settings menu and select ‘Devices.’ You should see the Mayflash F500 listed as a connected device. If it appears, congratulations! Your F500 is now connected to your PS4 and ready for use.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes, you might encounter issues while connecting your F500 to your PS4. Let’s discuss some common problems and their solutions.

Unresponsive Controls

If your F500’s controls aren’t responding, try these steps:

  1. Double-check the connections between the F500, USB cable, and PS4.
  2. Ensure the original PS4 controller is connected to the F500 and powered on.
  3. Verify that you’ve selected the correct input mode by pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

Inaccurate Inputs

If you notice inaccurate inputs or lag, follow these tips:

  1. Ensure that your F500 has the latest firmware installed.
  2. Avoid using USB hubs or extension cables, as they can introduce latency.
  3. Check for any damage or wear on the joystick or buttons and replace them if necessary.


Connecting your Mayflash F500 to your PS4 is a straightforward process that should only take a few minutes. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with your new arcade stick.

Remember to update the firmware regularly and ensure all connections are secure for the best performance. Happy gaming!


  1. Can I use the Mayflash F500 with other consoles?The F500 is compatible with various gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices.
  2. Do I need any additional software to connect the F500 to my PS4?No, the F500 is plug-and-play, and no additional software is required. But it would be best if you had the latest firmware installed (!).
  3. Can I use wireless controllers with the F500 and the PS4?The F500 requires a wired connection with the original PS4 controller for proper functioning.
  4. How can I update the firmware of my F500?Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest firmware and follow the provided instructions for installation.

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