Ultimate Guide to Fightstick Manufacturers: Top Brands

The world of arcade fightsticks is vast and intriguing, with numerous manufacturers offering various products to cater to the needs of fighting game enthusiasts. Whether a professional player or a casual gamer, having the right fightstick can elevate your gaming experience.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most well-known and respected fightstick manufacturers worldwide, as well as some custom and specialized manufacturers making waves in the industry.

Overview Leading Fightstick Manufacturers

Manufacturer Origin Specialization Price Range Customizability Notable Products/Features
Sanwa Denshi Japan Arcade ports, buttons, and joysticks Mid to High Moderate Sanwa JLF joystick, OBSF buttons
Hori Japan Fightsticks and gaming peripherals Low to High Moderate Hayabusa joystick, Hori RAP series
Qanba China Fightsticks Low to High Moderate Qanba Obsidian, Qanba Drone
Mad Catz Global Fightsticks Low to High Moderate Tournament Edition (TE) fightsticks
Razer Global Gaming peripherals and fightsticks Mid to High High Razer Panthera, Razer Atrox
Allfightsticks USA Custom fightsticks Mid to High High Wide range of materials, colors, and layouts
BnB Fightsticks USA Custom fightsticks Mid to High High Handcrafted, unique designs
JxK Designs Unknown Custom fightsticks Mid to High High Custom artwork, button layouts
Mixbox Arcade Unknown Fightsticks with unique control schemes Mid to High Moderate Mixbox fightsticks
Hit Box Arcade USA All-button fightsticks Mid to High Moderate Hit Box, Smash Box

Note: The attributes listed in this table are generalizations, and individual products may vary within each manufacturer’s lineup. It’s essential to research specific fightsticks and their features before deciding.

Most famous and popular

Sanwa Denshi (Japan)

Sanwa Denshi is a Japanese company that has been a key player in the arcade industry for decades. Their arcade parts, such as buttons and joysticks, are highly sought after for their performance and durability.

Sanwa’s products are used in many professional-grade fightsticks and are often the standard for competitive play.

Hori (Japan)

Hori is another leading Japanese manufacturer known for their high-quality fightsticks and gaming peripherals. They offer a range of fightsticks at different prices, from budget-friendly options to premium models.

In addition, Hori’s fightsticks are often praised for their build quality and innovative features, such as the Hayabusa joystick and buttons.

Qanba (China)

Qanba is a Chinese company that has gained popularity for its well-built and stylish fightsticks. In addition, they have collaborated with several well-known brands, such as PlayStation and Tekken, to create special edition fightsticks that cater to specific gaming communities.

Qanba’s lineup includes entry-level, mid-range, and premium fightsticks that cater to various budgets and preferences.

Mad Catz (Worldwide)

Mad Catz is a global company with a long history in the gaming industry. They offer a variety of fightsticks, from entry-level models to high-end options designed for professional players.

Their Tournament Edition (TE) fightsticks are particularly popular, featuring high-quality components and a sturdy build.

Razer (Worldwide)

Razer is a renowned brand in the gaming world, known for its premium gaming peripherals. Their fightsticks, like the Razer Panthera and Atrox, have gained a strong following for their performance, build quality, and aesthetics.

Razer fightsticks also boast high customizability, making them popular among modders and enthusiasts.

Custom Fightstick Makers


Allfightsticks is a US-based company specializing in creating custom fightsticks built to suit individual customers’ preferences. They offer a wide range of materials, colors, and layouts, allowing players to design their perfect fightstick.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Allfightsticks has earned a reputation for delivering top-notch custom fightsticks.

BnB Fightsticks

BnB Fightsticks is a small, family-owned business that handcrafts custom fightsticks with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Based in the US, they offer a variety of materials, designs, and layouts for customers to choose from.

Their dedication to providing unique, high-quality fightsticks has garnered a loyal following among fighting game enthusiasts.

JxK Designs

JxK Designs is a custom fightstick maker that prides itself on crafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind fightsticks with a focus on aesthetics and performance. They offer a wide range of customization options, from artwork and button layouts to internal components.

JxK Designs’ attention to detail and dedication to creating unique fightsticks has made them a favorite among collectors and players alike.

Specialized Fightstick Manufacturers

Mixbox Arcade

Mixbox Arcade is a company that specializes in producing fightsticks with a unique control scheme. Their products combine the traditional joystick with a keyboard-style WASD directional layout, offering a new and innovative way to control fighting games.

This hybrid design has attracted players looking for a different approach to traditional fightsticks, and Mixbox Arcade has become well-known for its unique offerings.

Hit Box Arcade

Hit Box Arcade is another specialized manufacturer that creates fightsticks without a traditional joystick. Instead, their products utilize an all-button layout, allowing players to control movement with a series of buttons rather than a joystick.

This design caters to players seeking increased precision and faster inputs, making Hit Box Arcade a popular choice for competitive fighting game players.


There are many fightstick manufacturers worldwide, each offering unique features and products to cater to the diverse preferences of fighting game players.

From industry giants like Sanwa Denshi and Hori to custom builders like Allfightsticks and JxK Designs, there’s a fightstick out there for every player.

By considering factors such as build quality, button and joystick components, customizability, and price, you can find the perfect fightstick to enhance your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a fightstick and a regular gaming controller?

A fightstick, also known as an arcade stick, is a specialized controller designed primarily for use with fighting games. It features a joystick for movement and a series of buttons for in-game actions, resembling the control layout found on traditional arcade machines.

Regular gaming controllers, like those for consoles, typically have a more compact design with analog sticks, a directional pad, and multiple buttons.

2. Are fightsticks compatible with all gaming platforms?

Fightsticks come in various models, and their compatibility depends on the product. Many fightsticks are designed to work with specific gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

Some fightsticks are compatible with multiple platforms, but it’s essential to check the compatibility of a particular fightstick before purchasing.

3. Can I use a fightstick for other games besides fighting games?

While fightsticks are primarily designed for fighting games, they can also be used with other games, such as shoot them ups, arcade classics, or even some platformers.

However, the unique control layout of a fightstick may not be suitable for all games, so it’s essential to consider the specific game and your personal preferences.

4. Is it difficult to customize a fightstick?

Customizing a fightstick can be relatively straightforward, depending on the model and the desired modifications. Many fightsticks have easily swappable buttons and joysticks, allowing for simple customization.

However, adding custom artwork or making more extensive modifications may require additional tools and technical know-how. Therefore, it’s important to research the specific fightstick model and desired customizations to determine the difficulty level.

5. Is a fightstick necessary to play fighting games competitively?

While many competitive players prefer using fightsticks due to their precision and responsiveness, playing fighting games at a high level is not required. Some professional players have succeeded in using regular controllers or other alternative input devices.

Ultimately, the choice of controller comes down to personal preference and comfort.


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