Ask An Expert: What are Sanwa buttons and joysticks?

Sanwa buttons and joysticks are high-quality arcade components produced by the Sanwa Denshi Company, a Japanese manufacturer of arcade parts and accessories.

They are well-known and highly regarded in the gaming community for their reliability, durability, and performance, making them a popular choice for arcade sticks and fight stick enthusiasts.

Sanwa Buttons: Sanwa buttons, often called Sanwa OBSF or OBSN series buttons, are known for their quick response and low actuation force, providing a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. They are designed with a microswitch mechanism that ensures consistent performance and a long lifespan. Sanwa buttons come in various sizes, typically 24mm or 30mm, and are available in various colors.

Sanwa Joysticks: Sanwa joysticks, specifically the JLF series (Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT), are highly sought-after for their precision and smooth operation. They feature a square restrictor gate by default, which provides clear directional input feedback, making them ideal for fighting games and other arcade-style titles. Sanwa joysticks can be customized with different restrictor gates, such as octagonal or circular, as well as different ball top colors and sizes to suit individual preferences.

Sanwa components are often used in high-quality, professional-grade arcade sticks and fight sticks due to their reputation for performance and durability.

Many competitive gamers and arcade enthusiasts prefer Sanwa parts for their gaming setups, as they can significantly enhance the gaming experience and provide a more authentic arcade feel.

Tom "Button Master" O'Neil
Tom "Button Master" O'Neil

Tom fell in love with fight sticks after realizing that mastering the mechanics could give him an edge in competitive gaming. He's since devoted countless hours to perfecting his inputs and understanding the nuances of different fight sticks. As a result, Tom has become a force in both online and local tournaments. Now, he's on a mission to help others unlock their full potential with the right fight stick.