Ask An Expert: What is NKRO?

NKRO stands for N-Key Rollover, a feature found in some keyboards and gaming controllers that allows them to accurately register multiple key or button presses simultaneously without dropping any inputs or causing ghosting.

The “N” in NKRO represents the number of keys that can be pressed at once without issues, with “N” essentially meaning “any number” in this context. In other words, a keyboard or controller with NKRO can handle as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys or buttons on the device.

NKRO is particularly important for gaming keyboards and controllers, where users often need to press multiple buttons at once to perform complex actions or combinations.

It’s also beneficial for fast typists, as it ensures that all keystrokes are registered correctly, even when typing at high speeds.

NKRO can be achieved through different methods:

  1. Mechanical Key Switches: Some mechanical keyboards inherently offer NKRO due to how their individual key switches are designed and wired. Each key switch has a dedicated connection to the keyboard’s controller, ensuring accurate input registration.
  2. Electronic Solutions: Some keyboards and controllers use advanced circuitry and firmware to support NKRO. These devices may employ diodes or other electronic components to prevent ghosting and enable accurate input registration for multiple simultaneous key presses.

When choosing a gaming keyboard or controller, it’s essential to consider NKRO as a feature to ensure optimal performance and a seamless gaming experience.

Devices with NKRO will provide better input accuracy during intense gaming sessions and can also enhance the typing experience for fast typists.

Tom "Button Master" O'Neil
Tom "Button Master" O'Neil

Tom fell in love with fight sticks after realizing that mastering the mechanics could give him an edge in competitive gaming. He's since devoted countless hours to perfecting his inputs and understanding the nuances of different fight sticks. As a result, Tom has become a force in both online and local tournaments. Now, he's on a mission to help others unlock their full potential with the right fight stick.