Does the Mayflash F500 work on PS5?

Mayflash recently released an update for the F500 Fightstick which allows the stick to connect to a PS5 Console.

This is good news for fightstick fans who want to use an arcade stick on their new PS5. As currently, there is no dedicated PS5 fightstick. This is most likely due to the lack of fighting games on the new platform.

However, with the announcement of Street Fighter 6 and also the console’s backwards compatibility with PS4 fighting games then the need for a decent entry-level fightstick is even greater.

So to answer the question, does the Mayflash F500 work on PS5? The answer, of course, is yes but first, you have to go through a few steps in order to properly connect the stick to the PlayStation 5 console

How to get your Mayflash F500 to work on PS5

The first thing you have to do is update the fightstick to version 1.23. You can download the patch from here.

That link takes you to the official Mayflash website where it also contains detailed instructions (about halfway down the page) on how to update your fightstick.

Once you have updated your fightstick then, as stated on the official website, there are two ways to connect your Mayflash F500 with the PS5. Either through a dedicated adaptor or through a third-party PS4 Controller.

Mayflash MAGIC-S Pro Adaptor

The MAGIC-S Pro Adaptor from Mayflash is a neat little device that allows you to connect multiple controllers (from different platforms) to one console.

For example, you can use an Xbox One Controller on a PS4 console. You can buy the adaptor from Amazon here.

It also works in this context with connecting the Mayflash F500 to a PS5. Simply connect the MAGIC-S Pro Adaptor into the USB port of the Mayflash F500 and then connect the wired cable to the PS5.

The controller should then start working straight away when you turn on your PS5.

I think this is probably the easiest and most convenient approach.

Third-Party PS4 Controller

This approach is a little more complicated and is similar to how you would usually connect the Mayflash F500 to any other console.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a third-party controller (not a first-party). A list of compatible third-party controllers can be found at the same link where you downloaded the firmware.
  2. Once you have the right controller. Connect the wired third-party PS4 controller to the USB port of the Mayflash F500 and then connect the arcade stick to the console.

That should be it. Like I said the setup is a little bit more fiddly as it involves an extra wire but there you go.

Chris "Iron Fist" Thompson
Chris "Iron Fist" Thompson

Chris stumbled upon the world of fight sticks after being mesmerized by the precision and technique of professional players in live streams. He soon picked up his first fight stick and quickly rose through the ranks of competitive gaming. With his unyielding determination, Chris has managed to achieve success in both local and national tournaments. Today, he's all about sharing his experience and passion with fellow fight stick enthusiasts.