Mayflash F300 not working?

Mayflash F300 is a great budget fightstick that works on almost any platform. Its universal feature, whilst useful, isn’t the most seamless to set up. Hence, some users, in the first instance, may find it difficult getting their fightstick to connect to their console or PC.

In this post, I am going to list some of the most common reasons why your Mayflash F300 is not working and how to fix them.

Mayflash F300 not working or connecting to console

One issue you might have is actually getting the stick to connect to your console. We’ll use the PS4 as an example here but the setup will be similar for other platforms.

Let’s quickly recall how to set up the Mayflash F300 on your PS4.

  • First, turn your PS4 controller on. As usual, this is done by pressing the home button
  • Then, connect the Mayflash F300 fightstick to the PS4 via the USB cable
  • Finally, you need a micro USB cable. The one you use to charge your PS4 controller. Connect the micro USB part (USB type A) to the PS4 controller and the other end then has to connect to the USB port on the Mayflash F300 fightstick.

You also need to make sure that the toggle switches located in the top-left of the stick are in the correct position.

Mayflash F300

For consoles or if connecting through a controller the furthermost toggle to the left needs to be in the controller position, indicated by the iconĀ and the one in the middle needs to be set to DPAD.

You then need to press the home button on the Mayflash F300 stick.

This fixes most detection issues for the Mayflash F300. If you are still having problems then may have to sign out of your profile using the PS4 controller and then sign back in. Then you can press the home button again on the Mayflash F300.

Mayflash F300 not working with certain games

Some users report that certain games don’t work with their Mayflash F300. The reason for this may be because the fightstick doesn’t have the latest firmware and therefore needs to be updated.

How to update Mayflash F300 firmware

Updating Mayflash F300 isn’t too difficult. You firstly have to download the relevant files to your PC. You can do so from the official Mayflash website here:

Just make sure to download the software that applies to your fightstick so in this case it will be: UNIVERSAL ARCADE FIGHTSTICK F300.

Once you have downloaded the relevant file you then need to run it. The instructions on-screen should tell you what to do. Just connect the Fightstick to your PC and hold the home button when the program has detected your fightstick. That should be it.

Bear in mind that this update can only be done on Windows and not on Mac.

This is a bit annoying but you could probably just borrow a friend’s PC or if you’re really tech-savvy, use a virtual machine to host a windows instance and go from there.


Hopefully, this has fixed your Mayflash F300. Most of the time, it’s down to the setup. With the fightstick being the way it is, the setup is obviously quite fiddly. Whilst, the instructions aren’t necessarily bad they can get a bit confusing for the average user.

If you’re still having issues like a button not working or the joystick not feeling right then it may be a hardware fault. Not to worry, however, because you can easily rectify this by replacing the part in question with a better one.

Such as a Sanwa or Seimitsu part. It’s not too difficult.

That is what I love about fightsticks, after all. The ability to modify and upgrade a fightstick is what I think makes them unique.

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Jake "Arcade Ace" Kim

Jake discovered his passion for fight sticks when he spent his summers mastering the arcade scene. He soon became a local legend, dominating every fighting game he laid his hands on. Jake's love for the arcade culture has led him to collect an impressive array of fight sticks, each with its own unique story. Now, he's channeling that love and expertise into guiding others to find their perfect fight stick match.