Best Budget Fightsticks 2022 – Cheap fightsticks that are good

Best Budget Fightsticks

Best Budget Fightsticks – At a Glance Best Budget Fightsticks Guide Should you get a cheap fightstick? a few years ago, I wouldn’t have recommended it. Still, thanks to manufacturers like Mayflash, Hori, and Qanba, budget fightsticks have gotten a lot better and can serve as an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of fightsticks. … Read more

Best Fightsticks 2022

Best Budget fightsticks 2019

At a Glance Best Fightsticks Guide 2021 Whether you want to become a better player or just want to replicate the feel of the classic arcade machines, a fightstick is definitely the way to go.  There are, of course, other reasons for why you should get an arcade stick and I won’t list all of … Read more

How to get better at fighting games

How to get better at fighting games- profightstick

Fighting games are hard. The vast number of moves, combos, counters, cancels,anti-airs, you name it, means they can get pretty complex.   Whilst fighting games are hard, getting good at them doesn’t have to be. But the fact is, most beginners often give up playing fighting games as soon as they get beat. Tell me … Read more

How to Hold a Fightstick

Best Budget Fightsticks

One of the first things you need to learn about using an arcade/fight stick is how to hold it. While it may come naturally to some, it’s always good to establish a solid baseline technique. In this guide, I will show a variety of different ways to hold your arcade stick. It’s worth pointing out … Read more