HORI RAP V switch

Best Fightsticks for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a whole host of fighting games to keep fans entertained. Games like Pokken, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection, and DB FighterZ demand a decent fightstick. As…

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Best Fightsticks for Xbox One

In terms of fighting games and fightsticks, the Xbox One feels a little bit left behind this generation. The focus has been more on the PS4. It’s a shame because…

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Madcatz Fightpad

Best Fightpads 2021 – The best fighting game controllers

Although I’m firmly a fightstick player. There are just certain fighting games that are more suited to playing on a controller. These include games like Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros….

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What Tekken 7 Character should I play

What Tekken 7 Character should I play?

Tekken is a game of many different and unique characters. That’s why many beginners find it difficult to choose which character to play with.  Fortunately, I have put together this…

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Ultimate Guide to playing Tekken 7 Online Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Tekken 7 online like a pro

I’ve been playing a lot of Tekken 7 lately in the midst of the recent lockdown and I would say that I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’m now slowly…

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Best Budget Fightsticks

Best Budget Fightsticks 2021 – Cheap fightsticks that are good

Best Budget Fightsticks – At a Glance Best Budget Fightsticks Guide Should you get a cheap fightstick? a few years ago I wouldn’t have recommended it but thanks to manufacturers…

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Best PS4 fightstick

Best Fightsticks for PS4

Best Fightsticks for PS4 – At a Glance Best Fightsticks for PS4 Guide The PS4 has some of the best fighting games on any platform which means it also has…

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Best Budget fightsticks 2019

Best Fightsticks 2021

At a Glance Best Fightsticks Guide 2021 Whether you want to become a better player or just want to replicate the feel of the classic arcade machines, a fightstick is…

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How to get better at fighting games- profightstick

How to get better at fighting games

Fighting games are hard. The vast number of moves, combos, counters, cancels,anti-airs, you name it, means they can get pretty complex.   Whilst fighting games are hard, getting good at…

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How to clean your fightstick

How to clean a Fightstick

I recently went over to a friend’s house to play some street fighter V. As usual, I’m kicking his ass when, from the corner of my eye, I see a…

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