HORI RAP V switch

Best Fightsticks for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a whole host of fighting games to keep fans entertained. Games like Pokken, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection, and DB FighterZ demand a decent fightstick. As…

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Mayflash F101

Mayflash F101 VS Mayflash F300: What’s the difference?

What’s the difference? The Mayflash F101 doesn’t really get talked about that much in the realm of arcade sticks. This is because the F300 is seen as the more popular…

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Mayflash F500 Review

Mayflash F500 Review: Universal Fightstick

The Mayflash F500 is the bigger brother to the Mayflash F300. I’ve already reviewed the Mayflash F300 and found it to be a competent and reasonable entry-level fightstick. The F500…

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Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick

Mayflash F300 Review

The Mayflash F300 fightstick is an ideal beginner stick that offers good value for money. Built by the Chinese Mayflash Limited company, the F300 a budget stick that isn’t going…

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