Sanwa vs Seimitsu vs Hayabusa: Which one is better?

Vibrant illustration of three people using arcade fight sticks, with neon-lit digital art style and dynamic energy effects.

Perhaps the best thing about fightsticks is the ability to customize them. Nearly everything in a fightstick can be replaced and swapped out. This includes the main functional parts, the buttons, and the joystick lever. Not only does this improve durability, but you can also significantly improve the performance of a fightstick with the right … Read more

Best Fightsticks for Modding [2024]

Mayflash F500 Review

What’s great about fightsticks is the ability to customize them. For example, you can improve the stick’s performance by installing high-quality parts. Or, if you want to improve the look of the stick, you can customize the artwork making it more personable. Most fightsticks mods are easy to learn and do. However, some manufacturers make … Read more

Best Fightsticks for Nintendo Switch [2024]

HORI RAP V switch

The Nintendo Switch has many fighting games to keep fans entertained. Games like Pokken, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and DB FighterZ demand a decent fightstick. As well as helping you execute moves better, a fightstick has numerous other benefits. In addition, the standard Nintendo Switch controller can be a little awkward to use for … Read more

Best Fightpads 2024 – The Best Fighting Game Controllers

Graphic comparing different types of gaming fightpads with text The Best Fightpads for a gaming controller review on

Although I’m firmly a fightstick player, certain fighting games are more suited to playing on a controller fight pad, like Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros. In addition, fightpads are generally (but not always) cheaper than fightsticks. Therefore, fightpads could be a great option if you don’t want to spend much money on a fightstick and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Tekken 7 online like a pro

Ultimate Guide to playing Tekken 7 Online Like a Pro

I’ve been playing a lot of Tekken 7 lately in the midst of the recent lockdown and I would say that I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’m now slowly climbing the purple ranks (Divine Ruler) and hoping to reach TGP soon.  It’s funny because I was only in the green ranks less than 2 … Read more

Best Budget Fightsticks 2024 – Cheap fightsticks that are good

Best Budget Fightsticks 2023 - Cheap fightsticks that are good

Best Budget Fightsticks Guide: Top Picks Under $100 Are you considering a budget-friendly fightstick for your gaming setup? We might have hesitated to recommend the affordable route a few years ago. However, thanks to the impressive advancements from manufacturers like Mayflash, Hori, PXN, and Qanba, the game has changed. Budget fightsticks have significantly improved in … Read more